Starting March 25th, 2020, our doors are closed temporarily to keep us and our community safe. If you want to make sure we reopen, please bookmark

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Monday, March 16, 2020


Pegasus Book Exchange

is now offering


Hello friends of Pegasus! Our doors are still open regular hours, but we've added some new services! Whether you can’t leave home at all, or if you’re just limiting your social contact, we have options for you! Think of us as Instacart for books. :)

(And if you're not within our delivery range you can still support us by shopping at!)

Option 1 – if you’re not leaving home at all, WE WILL DELIVER! We deliver...

  • to locations within roughly 3 miles of our store
  • Thursdays, Saturdays, and Mondays around 4pm
  • delivery fee is $5, but it’s waived if the pre-credit cost of the books is $50 or more

Option 2 – if you’re able to pick up, we can do TAKE-OUT BOOKS! We can do this any time the store is open. Monday-Saturday 10-6 and Sundays 10-5.

  • there are two parking spots in the back
  • when you get here call us at 206-937-5410 and let us know where you are

For both types of orders, please EMAIL US at We will then call you after we’ve collected your order to confirm the selection and take payment. In your email, here’s what we need to make this all smooth:

1. Your maximum budget. If you have store credit, include the name it’s under.

2. Whether you’d like delivery or pickup. If delivery, include your address and special instructions.

3. Your phone number and what times we can call you. You may receive a call from one of our personal phones, so be sure to pick up. :)

4. Which specific titles you want. If it’s not available, let us know for each one:

  • if you’d like to skip it
  • order it (special orders will take another 2-3 days to arrive)
  • or recommend a substitute (which we’ll do over the phone when we talk to you)

5. If you want us to pick something out for you, give us some general guidelines and we’ll confirm the specifics when we talk to you on the phone.

Together we can all get through this with minimal inconvenience while keeping our community safe!

Thanks for your continued support! We really do have the best customers, and we appreciate all of you,

Fred, Lanthe, Emma, Jimmy, Eric, Selena, and Fernando