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How to Browse

You can click on any shelf image to make it larger. Usually you can click again (or zoom on a touchscreen) to see even more details.

At this time we can't always give detailed information about books over email or the phone - we just don't have the staff for it. :( If you have questions about the contents of a book, the best places to find information are:
  •, which contains the back-cover blurbs of almost all of the books you see on our shelves; and
  •, which lists almost every series in order
In order to get our books online as soon as possible we've had to prioritize which information we get online first. At the moment, our online shelves don't have prices individually listed. Here's some general information.

New books are the cover price.

Used hardbacks on our New Releases shelf are usually priced around half of the new price. In other words, mostly in the $15-$18 range. (There is the most variety for prices in this category.) 

Trade-sized paperbacks are priced according to their cover price and mostly fall into the $7.50 to $9.50 range.

Used hardcovers that are not New Releases are priced approximately like their corresponding paperback edition (mostly in the $8.50 to $9.50 range).

Mass market paperbacks with a $9.99 cover price (those are the slightly taller ones) are $5.50.

Mass market paperbacks with a $7.99 cover price are $4.50.

We take condition flaws into account when pricing books.

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