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How to Order

Delivery & Pickup Options

We offer curbside pickup via our pickup locker seven days a week from 11am to 6pm, by prearrangement.

We also deliver to any address within roughly 3 miles of our store (anywhere within West Seattle). This is FREE for orders of $20 or more. (Otherwise $5.) Deliveries go out on Tuesday evenings.

Please respect our policy of strict physical distancing. 6' is good. 10' or 15' is even better.

How to Order

If you have access to email, PLEASE email rather than calling so we can fill orders in the order in which we receive them. 

Our email address is pegasusbookexchange @ (spaces added to address to foil spam bots; remove them when emailing us :))

If you have a store credit on file that you'd like to use, please let us know what name(s) it's under. It is also very helpful to include your phone number in case we have questions.

Please note we will only hold unpaid orders for 12 store-open hours before they go back on the shelf. :)

We can take payment over the phone by credit card, or we can also take PayPal. No cash, checks, or Venmo, sorry!

We are so sorry, we can't special order anything at the moment. :( You can order books we don't have in stock through our online partner at (That site shows what's available at our distributor's warehouse, not what's in our store.)

If you didn't already read the How to Browse page, it gives some tips.


For a rough idea, check out our general pricing chart on the How to Browse page.

If you're unsure whether you may or may not want a book, do include it in your email and we can easily tell you the price.

Your Store Credit

If you would like to know what your store credit balance is, you can email pegasusbookexchange @
  • please include all possible names it might be under, and
  • (a) phone number(s) as a second form of identifying information so we can make sure we have pulled out the correct card

A reminder of how it works:
  • 50% off of used books
  • 20% off of (most) new books
  • assuming, of course, that you have enough credit to cover the amount of the discount. :)
  • sadly it does not work on books ordered through our online partner because they are handling the payment :(